After creating numerous websites for clients worldwide, we saw a repeating problem: it was impossible to update the content and design of a website as much as a client wanted to for the amount of money they wanted to spend. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy to relay the design that the clients want to the website developers, and an incredible amount of time and energy for the developers to access the code, update the design, then have it approved by the client. There may be weeks or even months of back-and-forth communication to get it just right, and with every conversation, the price of the update climbs higher and higher. Frustration may mount, budgets may be surpassed, and deadlines may not be met.

Until now.

With jumo, we can make new AND existing websites editable. We have figured out a way to enable anyone to create and edit their own website with a design of their choosing. It is simple, affordable, and takes a short amount of time to set up.