Why jumo?

Jumo is an elegant, affordable website solution that puts you in control... it's the web done right.

  • Technology platform

    jumo is a technology platform that makes any website as easy to edit as your facebook profile. Absolutely no technical expertise is needed.

    With a jumo site, the content and the design are separate. This means two important things:

    • When you edit the content, you will not break the design as is so common when using a WYSIWYG editor such as Dreamweaver.
    • When you edit or update the design, the content is preserved, thus there is no need to re-do your entire site.
  • Web hosting & more

    With the jumo technology platform, not only do we host your site on our servers, but we can also help with domain registration and provide email services if needed.

    With a jumo site, everything just works which means you can focus on your company or career.

  • Your existing site can be jumo-ified.

    Tired of not being able to edit your own site? Those days are over. We can take your existing site, host it on our platform and Ta-Da! Now you are in control. It's that easy.

  • Or, create a new custom design

    You can hire the professional designer of your choice, perfect your new design and then give it to us. Alternatively, you can have our top-notch designers design your site for you. Either way, you will be left in total control of editing your new website.

  • Custom solutions for specific industries

    By building on top of the jumo platform, we have created comprehensive website solutions for specific industries. These are ideal solutions for people with similar needs.

    The first two markets we have launched are:

    In the near future, we will be releasing solutions for additional industries including models, restaurants, health clubs, realtors, and more.

  • Franchise Solutions

    Creating a custom solution for franchises allows the corporate headquarters to control the overall brand by:

    • Designing the overall solution.
    • Allowing as much customization as they prefer while maintaining brand consistency.
    • Giving control of local schedules, team members, news, etc to the local franchise to better serve their customers.

    Using jumo drastically cuts down on IT costs and allows franchises to have website solutions that they have only been able to dream about until now.

Industry-wide solutions

Jumo creates comprehensive, custom solutions for specific industries with common needs.

Looks Perfect On Any Device

Built with mobile in mind, jumo sites adjust to any size screen!

Make your ideas a reality

Stop dreaming and use a solution that works.

Get in Touch

We appreciate feedback and questions. We want jumo to be the ultimate solution for you to create a professional website of which you are proud.


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Phone: (646) 652-6574
Email: web@jumo.me